The Takeaway: Resources

For the latest information on continued March For Our Lives events check out the official March for Our Lives website and learn about Episcopal Church resources for responding to gun violence here.

Action & Advocacy

Take action with the Episcopal Public Policy Network to strengthen and expand background checks.

Episcopal Peace Fellowship is an amazing resource for all kinds of issues: - here is a resource from them: Ten Ways Your Church Can Reduce Gun Violence.

Bishops United Against Gun Violence resources here.

Episcopal Church teams with ecumenical partners to engage in the 2022 Poor People’s Campaign.

Prayer & Worship

Teen Curriculum for the Meeting After the Bus Ride Home

Never underestimate the power of song. A hymn has been written specifically regarding gun violence titled God, We Have Heard It. The lyrics are here, and you may click here to listen to the tune.

This was written to be shared and adapted as needed: A Vigil in Response to an Act of Mass Violence

To pray together, we offer An Abrahamic Prayer at a Time of Grieving. This resource was adapted from various interfaith prayer resources.

Voter Registration

To make sure your voice is heard in the future, register to vote. Start right here on our website with this form from Rock the Vote.

More Resources

Connect with Others

The Episcopal Church encourages and supports all who are using their voice to effect positive change in the world. We encourage you to find a local church in your community using the Episcopal Church search tool where someone is ready to listen and connect you with resources and with others.

Among those providing resources, we wish to highlight Bishops United Against Gun Violence, a group of more than 70 Episcopal bishops working to curtail the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. The Bishops remind us of the following:

If the movement to curtail gun violence and promote public safety is to succeed, we must call people of good will together under a common banner. We must create experiences through which grief, fear, rage and despair can be transformed into patient and hopeful resolve. We must ground our arguments in an ethic of shared responsibility, support them with clear logic and credible data, and articulate them with charity to those with whom we disagree. And we must be willing to continue speaking when it seems our words make no difference.

In addition to resources for action, it is also important that you avail yourself of resources for spiritual care throughout your journey. While this site provides resources for caring for yourself and others, there is no substitute for connecting with your local spiritual community. We invite you to follow the link below to find an Episcopal Church in your area.

Locate an Episcopal Church

Keep In Touch

Keep in touch by contacting the Episcopal Public Policy Network at [email protected].